Magnetic Particle Imaging Files


MPIFiles.jl is a Julia package for handling files that are related to the tomographic imaging method magnetic particle imaging. It supports different file formats:

For all of these formats there is full support for reading the files. Write support is currently only available for MDF files. All files can be converted to MDF files using this capability.

MPIFiles.jl provides a generic interface for different MPI files. In turn it is possible to write generic algorithms that work for all supported file formats.

MPI files can be divided into three different categories

Each of these file types is supported and discussed in the referenced pages.


Start julia and open the package mode by entering ]. Then enter

add MPIFiles

This will install the packages MPIFiles.jl and all its dependencies.

License / Terms of Usage

The source code of this project is licensed under the MIT license. This implies that you are free to use, share, and adapt it. However, please give appropriate credit by citing the project.

Community Guidelines

If you have problems using the software, find bugs, or have feature requests please use the issue tracker to contact us. For general questions we prefer that you contact the current maintainer directly by email.

We welcome community contributions to MPIFiles.jl. Simply create a pull request with your proposed changes.